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Success Stories

The Abundant Broker Book and Course are Creating Financial Freedom For Commercial Real Estate Agents Across the World!


What Real Estate Professionals Are Saying...

They did it and so can you. These hard-working Abundant Broker students put in tremendous focus and energy to create their success.


"I have three deals in my pipeline as a result of this course.”

Devin Mecham, CCIM
Sales Manager at NAI Black Spokane 


"I got the biggest listing of my career!"

Chase Omana, Broker

"This course was essential to my career, and the longevity of my success."

Mervat Berry, Broker


"I was able to learn exactly what it would take to be a successful broker."

Dave Butler 
Residential Agent 


"Having goal clarity and a daily discipline tracker, I'm really able to focus on prospecting." 

 Luke Ramous, Broker


"I loved the templates that are built for  personal and business budgeting and goal setting."

Taylor Ogden, Broker


"This is by far the best training program out there for new brokers."

Michael Greene, Broker


"Finding my own leads and clients has helped bring more value to the entire team." 

Parker Taggart, Broker

Abundant Broker Book: How to Earn $100k Your First Year in Commercial Real Estate

Have you thought about getting into commercial real estate but don’t know where to begin? With Abundant Broker book, top-producing broker and mentor Mike Falk shows you how to do it right, from the start. Read what people who have bough our book are saying!

Jeff Finn

★  If want to accelerate your success and win in CRE read this book.
Whether you are just beginning or you are ready and committed to take your commercial real estate career to the next level Abundant Broker is for you. This no nonsense book is full of golden nuggets and best practices you can put to work right away to accelerate your business and productivity. Wish I had this to give all of my agents when they needed a roadmap to prosperity. Simple straightforward steps to take and performance to measure to win in a highly competitive industry.

Tony Nielson

★  Great book to read, easy to follow and strong points to remember
Personal growth. Great book to read. Real estate or just wanting to be a better person this book has it covered. Topics were exact focus, easy to track and something everyone should read at least twice.

Vince Corsaro

★  It's not just about Real Estate!
It is abundantly clear that Mike knows what he is talking about. He's lived it. And, so many of the principles apply across whatever field you might find yourself. As a non-real estate guy, I was struck with how the simple, disciplined and methodical structure added value to many of my pursuits.

Dennis Sims

★ Read the book and act on it! Become the expert!
I am in commercial real estate in Dallas,TX. I am in the beginning of my second year and it has been extremely difficult trying to find a way to procure new business. Reading through the SIOR magazine that I get mailed to me I just so happen to run across the article that Mike has in it about successful ways of generating income in the CRE industry. I was instantly drawn to the approach about market specialty that Allen Gump and Ward Richmond have informed but the rest was kind of figure it out. This book is gold to me and I have actionable steps that I can follow to guide me. I look forward to seeing where I will be at this time around next year. I will earn my SIOR designation and give back to those who are in lesser situations in life just like how I grew up. Thank you again Mike!

Kylie B

IDEAL book for any residential Agent thinking about getting started in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Brokerage Industry. If you've stumbled across this book, you're in serious luck as it's jammed packed w/powerful content ready to apply immediately (start seeing instant results)! Definitely a MUST READ!! Also, perfect for Agents getting started in the CRE industry/seasoned brokers (veterans) looking to expand/grow/start building a team, or for anyone currently in the industry looking to up-skill their game to achieve the desired results/hit all goals set!

Highly recommended for anyone serious about making money, delivering results not only for your own personal brokerage business, but the firm you work for and ultimately providing 10X value for your clients' by helping them achieve their goals resulting in a win-win-win-win solution.

Invest in yourself!

Deliver/Drive results for your clients' allowing them to be in the best possible position to serve their customers! If your clients' grow their business with your help it's likely they will be clients' for life!

Successfully learn to build your book of business by applying the practicable steps taught in this book. Don't wait any longer to make yourself more valuable.

Purchase this book NOW!!

Before you know it you'll be known as the "GO TO" guy in your area! If you're not in this business, but know of someone practicing/transacting CRE such as a family member or friend, tell them to check this book out! They'll thank you later when they roll up in their brand new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (or whatever car desired) Sky is the limit!


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