Earn $100K Your First Year in Commercial Real Estate.

Abundant Broker™ book is a step-by-step guide on how to build a rock solid business. It’s a practical, actionable discipline. A mindset to becoming an unstoppable Broker. 

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3 out of 4 Agents Fail in Their First Year.


Learn the 3 Steps to Becoming a $100k Broker:

1. Specialize

My Specialized Area™ is a revolutionary approach to establish your niche, mastery and influence. This unique system helps you outperform the competition.

2. Strategize

Breaking it Down to The Ridiculous™ is a specialized strategy on breaking down audacious income goals into small manageable steps.



3. Sharpen your Skills

This personal development approach introduces essential tools to sharpen your skills by giving you the confidence to win more business. 

Experience is Key.

Over the course of his remarkable 30+ year brokerage career, Mike Falk completed over $2 billion in transactions. After successfully becoming Utah’s leading commercial real estate broker, Mike has made it his mission to give you the systems he created and attributes to his longstanding success. In Abundant Broker™: How to Make 100k Your First Year in Commercial Real Estate, Mike guides you—step-by-step—to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that cause 75% of agents to fail in their first year.

These Brokers Found their Abundance:


"Don’t try to be a one size fits all agent. My advice for success: know your specialty, get the data and make the calls—trust the process [My Specialized Area™], it works!"

- Roman

"Abundant Broker™ taught me about tracking properties and their history, how to study them and understand the trends. It created a phenomenal foundation to grow from."

- Luke

"[Breaking It Down To The Ridiculous ™ helped me]...literally predict my income by the number of calls I made a week. I knew if I connected with 25 property owners a week I would hit my 10-year goal."

- Brandon

"Work smarter, not harder. Leverage this system, package it for your clients and optimize your processes. Grasp and sharpen your skills or else you’ll fall behind."

- Chris


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