3 Things You CAN Control

mike falk productivity Sep 16, 2020

2020 has been a wake up call, causing us to analyze our priorities, future plans and deepest fears.

While there's A LOT happening that's out of our control, I believe it's all about perspective.

I invite you to consider this perspective: "Things aren't happening to me, they're happening for me."

In order to lead a purpose-filled life, we have to take these lemons being thrown at us and turn them into lemonade.

Here are 3 things you can do NOW to take control of your life and business.

1. Reflect: Look at where you started the year and where you are today. What progress has been made? Write down three things you are doing great and one area that could use improvement.

2. Refocus: Write down one characteristic or strength you have that helped you to make the three things above great.

3. Reset: What are three things that need to happen for you to feel amazing about your progress before December? 

How can you leverage the strength you wrote in #2 above to help you make these three things happen?  

Now write down your first, most simple action step to make progress. Keep the momentum going one small step at a time.

Every day is a blessing and opportunity. You have 90 days, tomorrow you will only have 89 days, so get started now!

Simple? Yes!

Effective? Hell Yes!

Now get to work...


Remember, our actions over the next three months will determine how we start 2021... and I know we're all ready for a fresh (prosperous) start ;)

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In Gratitude,


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