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The Abundant Broker System was created by Mike Falk, a top producer in commercial real estate with 30+ years of direct industry experience and insights. It's a career management system for rookies through veterans to create both prosperity and philanthropy. 

From Meatpacking Plant To Millionaire 

My beginnings were humble. From childhood it seemed the odds of becoming a successful businessman were stacked against me. I had no pedigree, no financial resources, no inherited connections. It was not an easy or sheltered childhood, but looking back, I’m grateful for how these early experiences shaped the character and work ethic I have today.

During my career as a broker, I have experienced just about every stage of success and failure. I’ve worked at four top global commercial real estate (CRE) companies and held leadership positions in almost every major CRE organization.

While there were some bumps along the way, this industry has blessed me with more success than my younger self could have ever imagined. I am excited for the opportunity to share it with you!


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